Race In the Marketplace (RIM) Research Forum

The second biannual RIM Research Forum will be held in Paris from June 25 to June 27, 2019 (Dauphine Université Paris).

The broad objective of this second Forum is to continue the dialogue across domains, disciplines and geographical boundaries to contribute to an integrated understanding of race in markets.

Through a multifaceted dialogical approach, the RIM Research Forum will examine how race (and its intersecting socio-political constructs – e.g. class, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability and sexuality) impacts and is impacted by the functioning of various markets (e.g. retailing, health, housing, finance, art, sport). The guiding aim of RIM is to highlight the reality of power, privilege and oppression, question existing marketplace practices and link these understandings to an overall framework that supports the development of equitable markets across societies.

Democratic dialogue will serve as the primary point of engagement during the Forum. Through an iterative process of sharing and deep listening, the goal is not merely to exchange information, but rather to set the intellectual foundations upon which future actions related to RIM issues may be guided.

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