Plus d’équilibre dans le placement de produit

This article takes a wider approach to the increasingly popular advertising tool of Product Placement (PP), discussing the tool, its usage and the consequences of its usage both from a marketing and a consumer welfare perspective. It also tries to balance these contradictory perspectives to achieve a common and positive ground for all stakeholders. A literature review of PP research findings from both a marketing and public policy perspective is used to arrive at a more balanced viewpoint on PP. Marketers are advised not to fight against regulations for PP, but rather develop their creativity to avoid consumers rejecting the disclosed placement. Public policy makers are recommended to improve the current regulations in terms of disclosure and media types (that would be consistent wherever the program is produced or broadcasted) in order to help consumers to become savvier. We address consumers’ ability to raise a protective shield in a PP situation. More specifically, we explain how certain disclosures may work better than others to inform about the commercial intent of PP and as such, will empower consumers to manage their own behavioral decisions. Then, we describe how PP can be used to educate consumers about prosocial issues in an entertaining, non-patronizing way. As such, this article proposes to go beyond the usual divide between advertisers and policy makers and to balance those views, considering the positive role that PP may play in education while its potential negative impacts could be alleviated through effective training of consumers.


Pour citer : Charry K. et Tessitore T. (2016), Product Placement, Its Supporters and Detractors: A Quest for Balance. In Advertising in New Formats and Media: Current Research and Implications for Marketers (pp. 265-290). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

     Plus d’équilibre dans le placement de produit


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